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Prof. Dr. Fion Brenner


The European Neuro-ophthalmology Society is the major society representing and promoting clinical neuro-ophthalmology in Europe.

The Society was founded by Professors Alfred Huber and Adolphe Neetens, who organised its first meeting in Zurich in 1993 – since then we have held a biennial clinical and scientific meeting. In addition, since 2010 regular biennial educational update meetings have been organised.

The main aims of the Society are: to extend the knowledge of neuro-ophthalmology by promoting co-operation and communication among clinical neuro-ophthalmologists and visual scientists within Europeand beyond; to support the development of clinical neuro-ophthalmology in Europe by establishing training standards and syllabi and promoting the education of

trainees through teaching courses; to promote clinical research in neuro-ophthalmology and represent neuro-ophthalmologists in relevant European medical forum. Finally we interact with other international neuro-ophthalmological societies and colleagues.

Our website offers information on the Society’s history, announcements for other meetings in neuro-ophthalmology in Europe or abroad and for our members access to interesting neuro-ophthalmological case reports and sets of teaching slides from speakers at our past meetings. I do hope you will decide to join the Society and work with us to develop European Neuro-ophthalmology by filling in the application form.

Professor Fion Bremner


council members

PD Dr. Konrad P. Weber


Prof. Dr. Patrick 

Yu Wai Man 

Prof. Dr. Hana Leiba

Education Director 

Dr. Jan Willem Pott

Prof. Dr. Caroline Tilikete

Web Content

Prof. Dr.

Jette Frederik

Dr. med. PhD Bjorn


Dr. Neringa Jurkute
Trainee Representative

Prof. Dr. Tim Matthews

Dr. Dalia Meira

Prof. Dr. Irene Gottlob

EUNOS Education Committee

  1. Hana Leiba - director
  2. Antonella Boschi
  3. Fion Bremner
  4. Marko Hawlina
  5. Dan Milea
  6. Caroline Tilikete
  7. Tim Matthews

EUNOS Research Committee

  1. Susanne Trauzettel-Klosinski (Germany) - director
  2. Anat Kesler (Israel)
  3. Gülden Akdal (Turkey)
  4. Jette Frederiksen (Denmark)
  5. Patrick Yu Wai Man (United Kingdom)     

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