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Previous EUNOS meetings

EUNOS previous biennial meetings

2024 Rotterdam Jan Willem Pott, Axel Petzold

2022 Birmingham Tim Matthews, Susan Mollan

2019 Porto Dalia Meira

2017 Budapest Gabriella Szatmáry

2015 Ljubljana Marko Hawlina

2013 Oxford Christopher Kennard

2011 Barcelona Jorge Arruga

2009 Lübeck Detlef Kömpf

2007 Istanbul Pinar Aydin

2005 Moscow Natalia Serova

2003 Göteborg Bertil Lindblom

2001 Tubingen Susanne Trauzettel-Klosinski

1999 Jerusalem Shlomo Dotan

1997 London Christopher Kennard

1995 Antwerp Adolphe Neetens

1993   Zurich Alfred Huber

Hall of Fame

2022 Birmingham

Best oral presentation

Siegfried Wagner: Retinal fractal dimension in dementia: the ALZEYE study

Poster prizes

Marco Battista: Childhood onset LHON Clinical and prognostic insights

Leah Disse: Digital pupilomtery with stimulation of the medial nerve for differentiation of Horner syndrome and physiological anisocoria

Olivia Grech: Investigation of mitochondrial function and the role of glucose in a Brain slice model of headache mechanisms 

    EUNOS 2024 - Rotterdam

Program / Photos

EUNOS 2022 - Birmingham


EUNOS 2019 - Porto


    EUNOS 2017 - Budapest

Program / Photos

Previous update meetings

Practical Neuro-ophthalmology course 

Schloss Au 2018

Program / Photos

Practical Neuro-ophthalmology course 

Schloss Au 2016

 Program / Photots 


Practical Neuro-ophthalmology course 

Schloss Au 2014

 Program Photos  

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